Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let's Have a Party!

I am so happy with this image! It turned out to be a pleasant surprise, as it is the first illustration I have ever done digitally!

This project started as a personal drawing, one that was not for a particular class or assignment, but just for fun! However, for my computer illustration class we were asked to bring in a line drawing that we would color using the computer and it seemed as though this little garden party might fit the bill. I have to admit, I was very hesitant about using the computer, as I fall into the category of a "traditional" illustrator using the old school methods of ink, pencil, and paint. I have been told by my classmates that digital is the way to go, but I was skeptical as I love the feeling of my hands on the paper, manipulating the ink. I like the direct connection with the piece. So, needless to say, I shunned the idea of using the computer as a media.

But through the magic of technology, there are these fabulous things called Cintiques and they are special computer screens that you can draw directly onto with a special pen. IT WAS AWESOME. I love it. I had so much fun learning how to manipulate the colors and brushes in Photoshop and have to admit that I have found a new technique and new obsession. I must have a Cintique. Too bad they will set me back a few grand. I guess I better forgo new shoes for awhile in order to save up!

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