Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I would like the world to meet Holly Cakes! She is the main character in a children's book series I am creating. She is a very confident, quirky, 8 year-old girl who owns a bakery in Manhattan. The story revolves around Holly and her super cool cat T-Cup who is never without his shades, chain, and old-school boom box. Holly's best friend and most frequent customer at the bakery is Eddie, who has a super sweet tooth. Eddie's dog Butch is a lovely little lady who wears a pink tutu and is constantly pining after the uber cool T-Cup.

The idea for Holly Cakes came from a friend and former co-worker of mine at EF. During a team meeting one Monday morning, Holly shared with us an adorable story about how all the kids in her elementary school days called the cakes her mother baked "Holly Cakes". I couldn't get over how cute the name was and it spurred a bunch of creative ideas. THANK YOU HOLLY!

Stay tuned for more Holly Cakes to come!


  1. I made this comment before but it didn't save...

    I have some questions regarding your creation.

    1) How does the cat carry the boom box if it is bigger than him?
    2) How do they feel down south about inter-species dating ala Butch and T-Cup?
    3) Where did Holly procure the funds as an 8 year old to open this bakery and would her wealthy financial backer like to take on a loan-ridden medical student?
    4) Why are your illustrations so cute?

    That is all.

  2. This is freakin' adorable! (And I love Holly's outfit, very fashionable for an 8-yr old)

  3. How come Holly is not blonde?

    Very cute.................

  4. Soo cute! Shout out to T-cup! woohoo!!! I also want to know why Holly is not a member of the blonde club, where is the love? Represent Lis!!!


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