Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hommage to La Duree

Last week I went to Paris and was inundated with memories of past trips to the City of Love. While there is something to be said for new experiences and new discoveries, there is nothing like revisiting a wonderful memory in a place you don't regularly return to.

One of my favorite spots is La Duree. For some reason, the place seems magical to me. It's situated along the bustling Champs Elysees but somehow maintains a regal elegance that none of the designer flagship stores can even attempt to rival. The decor is purely parisian; damask, velvet, gold leaf, chandeliers. The list goes on. My first experience at this spot was with my bff whom I have now officially been friends with for 20 years (wow!). When we were both studying abroad in college, she in London and me in Paris, we met up for a lovely brunch at La Duree. I loved every moment of it, and have tried to recreate this experience every time I return to Paris.

This time, I met up with a former co-worker and friend who happened to be trapped in Paris because of that pesky volcanic ash. It was such a wonderful environment to reconnect and I was happy to steal away for a moment and head off to meet with someone I am comfortable with at a place, although it is foreign and nowhere near home, feels comfortable and familiar to me.

When you first walk into La Duree, there is a long continuous counter that houses hundreds of beautiful confections. They have everything from tarts to tiramisu. However, by far, the most visually appealing aspect of the counter are the dozens upon dozens of macaroons. They come in a full spectrum of colors, all of which are playful and exciting. I absolutely love the girlish colors they come in.

The above drawing is an homage to La Duree!


  1. Those are the same macaroons I saw on the travel got them perfectly !

  2. amazing! we just went to the french place on broughton - papillote - the other day and had macaroons that exactly like those ones <3


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