Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final Image

Hello, hello! As you might be able to tell, I have been a tad stressed out lately. Partially because it's finals week and a dreaded marathon research paper writing session in the library awaits me and also a bit because I am having serious trouble sleeping (hence this late night/early morning post). But, the good news is that I have finished my freelance project, and I have posted the illustration above. As usual, I left out the text, because, well, I want you to behold the illustration because this is an illustration blog! The client wanted to go with a vintage photo feel and fell in love with an image they saw of a vintage trailer because the showroom is moving to a new address. Since I couldn't find a vintage airstream trailer to photograph, I took my professor's advice, for he said "draw it, you're an illustrator." Everyone needs a helpful reminder every once in awhile, right?

Unisource Showroom in NYC was awesome to work with and they carry some really fabulous brands, all of which are super chic and fabulous. I particularly love Herion, alldressedup, and BeeQueen by Chicca Lualdi. Serious fashion envy!

Freelancing was fun! I hope to do more of it! Now, it is time to finish up my Graphic Design book. The final images should be posted soon!


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