Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA

Hello All!

I am sorry for not posting in awhile, and I have some not so fabulous news regarding my upcoming blog posts. I hate to say it, but I won't be posting very often this fall, as I am interning at the fabulously chic Working Class Studio here in Savannah and we are working on super fun and creative projects for the studio; however, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement, which sadly means I will not be able to share my work with you! Major bummer; however, if any of my designs are used, once a press release is sent out and it becomes public knowledge, I can share it with y'all!

Aside from my cool internship (which you can check out at, I am taking two classes. The first is Publications, which I will lovingly refer to as competition class, because that's pretty much what it is. Fifteen of my classmates and I are presented with potential jobs/assignments from different publications and we have to compete to be chosen, and if we are lucky enough to be chosen, our work will be published. It's a great class and super helpful in learning the ins and outs of freelance illustration; however, again, there are some confidentiality issues, because I shouldn't post anything regarding the possible assignments until they go to print. So, you won't be seeing much of any of my work from that class!

The other class I am taking is Directed Projects, which is a really wonderful class as well, as the assignments are self directed. My professor asked us to develop a plan for the semester of a project that would help us work on our weakness, highlight our strengths, and fall in line with our future career goals. Thus, I have chosen to produce a greeting card line. I am so excited about it! Right now I am in the writing stage, as I am currently developing all of the phrases for the cards. And, I promise you, once I start to create the images, you'll finally be seeing some art back on this blog!

In the meantime, here's some old work of mine from the portfolio I submitted for admission to the MFA program. My how far I have come!

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