Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Custom Orders

This holiday season was quite a busy one. I had my first trunk show where I was able to show off and sell my Chick to Chick card line. I launched my Etsy store (cards can be purchased at www.etsy.com/shop/lissartori). I had three custom orders for commissioned works, and developed a slew of holiday greeting cards.** 

I was so busy over the past 6 weeks that I never even got around to sending out my own Christmas card. Below are samples of some of the things I did recently (the photo quality is poor, as I didn't have access to a scanner):

**If you'd like your own custom piece of art or a customized Chick to Chick greeting or invitation, please email me at lis@lissartori.com and checkout www.lissartori.com for my full portfolio.

The Calico Patch (a gift shop in Farmington ME) on torn pages and collage with ink and gold lame.

The Sunbeam (a boat based in Bar Harbour, ME) on torn pages and collage with ink.

 Images from the first ever Chick to Chick trunk show at Blu at the Ritz Carlton, Boston, MA.

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