Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drawing For Illustrators

With one quarter left before graduation, I find myself taking a class I should have taken a year ago. The class, Drawing For Illustrators, is meant to be taken at the beginning of your MFA experience, as it is a drawing course where one should reacquaint themselves with the basics of drawing. I missed the opportunity to take this class last year because I was in lovely Lacoste, France (oh poor me) so I am taking it sans my usual classmates and a year too late.

I was nervous about going back to basics at a point in my program of study where I am supposed to have a defined style; however, the professor teaching this course is really awesome and totally understanding, so she has let me take some liberties with assignments and incorporate linocut (thank you!).

Our first assignment was to create a still life, light it appropriately, and create an image based on it. I wanted to stick with my themes of girly motifs, so I grabbed my makeup bag and a bunch of stuff on my vanity and went to work. The above image is a combination of linocut, ink, and pencil.

Being the airhead that I can be, I overexerted myself last night trying to finish this piece only to arrive in class to find out that it isn't due until next week. I'm an idiot. But, I guess it's a good thing because now I can go back and fix the portions that aren't working.

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