Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Firework Rough

I am working on an illustration of Katy Perry and her song "Firework". I just got word that the SCAD Illustration Department is running a competition for students to get a chance to be published in Rolling Stone! 


In order for a chance to participate, students have to submit 3 portraits or caricatures to the department by Monday and they will choose the students who will compete for the coveted spot. 

I hate competition, but this is such a great opportunity, so I have to give it a shot. I don't have a ton of portraits in my portfolio, so I am working this weekend on a few concepts and ideas I've had for awhile. Let's just say they involve some of my faves, like Taylor, Rhianna, and Katy.

Above is a close up of Katy's face as well as the illustration as a whole. The black lines are done in linocut, and the rest is a digital collage of printed color paper that I inked. I'm not feeling the image as a whole, and it needs some more work, but it is on the right path. 

Stay tuned for the final. I'll post it by Monday.

What do you think, does it look like Katy?


  1. Oh whoa! Such an amazing contest!! I love the KP pic

  2. You couldn't have picked a better subject (I like KP, don't judge). I 100% agree that you are on the right path, and as a KP connoisseur, I should know. Nice work, Lis. Good Luck.


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