Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vote For Your Fave

As you might have already read here on my trusty old blog, for my special promotional I am sending out hand-sewn and screen-printed make-up bags. But, I can't just send out an empty bag, so I am filling it with lots of exciting goodies and one thing I would like to send would be stickers! 

However, I can't decide which design to choose. Please cast your vote on your favorite by commenting on this post in the "comments" section.

The least amount I can order is 1,000 stickers. Who wants 1,000 stickers that they aren't 100% sure about? Geez, who knew committing to a sticker would be so difficult.

Help a girl out and VOTE!


  1. top one! Angela says top one too.

  2. middle one!! a girl can NEVER have too many shoes... and i mean NEVER

  3. Bottom one - it is streamlined and to the point. The others make your eye wander a bit and might be a bit distracting - you want to make a statement that isn't all over the place. Although I'm no expert, just my opinion.

  4. they are all fabulous...i like the bottom one! But the middle one with all the shoes are awesome too!!!

  5. top one! there's enough diversity in the shoes that it's visually interesting, the pattern is striking but not boring. the middle one i think is too busy for a sticker (though i want a pair of those sandal-y ones!). the bottom one is nice, but it makes me think: why would I have three of the same shoe? do i have three legs? :)

  6. I love the first one, Lis! Some selection with a bit of focus. Beautiful!

  7. top one! not too much, not too little... JUUUSSST RIGHT!


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