Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jumped on the Bandwagon

Yesterday I went to the Bandwagon Poster art show at the River Club here in Savannah. I went solely to meet with a letterpress artist about a possible collaboration and was caught completely off guard by how incredible the show was. I was totally unaware of what it was all about and had zero expectations prior to attending, but I have to say I left totally inspired. 

I was in a room full of printmakers who did everything from letterpress to screen-printing to my beloved linocut! The artists were from all over the country and here are just a few examples of their great work:

This poster was free and came from The Best Part (, which is a "one-man operation" from Orlando. The artist was giving away free "fortune" prints. They came in an envelope and you had to open it to unveil your fortune. 

In true "Lis" fashion, I came across the booth, had no idea the prints were a part of a fortune-telling series and immediately wanted the poster shown above. I asked how much it was and the girl kindly explained that it was free but she was supposed to give them away at random and not open the envelopes to find specific ones for people. Still unaware of the whole "fortune-telling" aspect of the gig, I looked at her sort of mystified and said without thinking "but I want that one." She laughed and complied to my craziness and found the above poster and handed it to me. 

Later, when I met up with my friends and showed them my wares, they all laughed at me when they found out I had demanded the above fortune. They thought it was all too fitting that I had not allowed my destiny to be put into another's hands. Their overwhelming response was "Surprise, surprise." Whoops!

The next set of posters were also being given away for free. They were from French Paper ( I was also able to get a plethora of paper samples from them too. They came in so many great colors and textures. I loved them!

 (these would be so chic in a dude's apartment, but only if that dude had an appreciation for color and pop art)

 (this one is beautiful in person, it is done in metallic ink)

(Same with this one, the scan doesn't do it justice, the metallic ink is so cool. Plus, flamingos are my fave!)

The one purchase of the day that I made was from Two Arms Inc., a duo of artists from Brooklyn ( I got to speak with one of the artists, Mike, briefly and he was really cool and super friendly. All of their posters are hand-pulled silkscreens. Their work incorporates a lot of texture and color, which I love. I couldn't resist this poster for a multitude of reasons, but primarily because the color palette is so me and the subject matter is just perfect! I kind of want to redecorate my entire bedroom around this piece!

Another other group there was Methane Studios from Atlanta ( They are a graphic design and illustration studio that does a multitude of different things from posters to package design. I was lusting after this one particular pink bicycle poster all day long but I never ended up breaking down and buying it. 

 (sorry for the poor quality photo)

They also had these really great letter posters that I wanted but they didn't have any "L's".

All in all, it was a really great show. I saw a ton, learned a ton, and met a ton of great artists! It made for a nice little Saturday.

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