Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hello everyone!

I apologize for my absence but I have been very busy so far this new year. I have been recently working on developing a line of makeup bags based on my Classic Fashion Staples illustration. I have so far finalized the prototypes for three bags, the mini, the maxi, and the pouch. All of the bags are fully lined and have colorful zippers. My apartment has been a one woman (and one cat) sweatshop of sorts recently. I've been sewing like crazy (on top of planning events, creating custom artworks for clients, and training for a half marathon.... have you gotten out your tiny violin for me yet?).

Now that the bags are complete, I must get them professionally photographed and branded and then they will be up on Etsy and hopefully in a few retail locations around Savannah (fingers crossed).

Here is the collection the Fashionista print. I just received the test swatch for the Hey Cupcake print, and am awaiting additional prints, which should be arriving shortly.

Let me know what you think!


  1. oh wow, i love these! especially the ones in the bottom photo. let me know when you are selling them because i'd love to buy one!

  2. reallly cute! let us know when they are for sale!

  3. I am so glad y'all like them! I should have updates by the end of the week on where the bags can be purchased!

  4. These are great!! are the colorful fabrics also your design?

  5. witty. wonderful and want some of my own.
    when are they 4 sale?

  6. very cool, I like the contrast in the inside. super exited for you


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