Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awesome Art

Villareal portrait by Christopher Sturman courtesy Architectural Digest | Amanecer by Leo Villareal courtesy Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art Chasing Rainbows by Leo Villareal courtesy my iPone | Stars by Leo Villareal courtesy Artnet |

Recently, I took a trip to the Jepson Center here in Savannah because one of my students' work was on display. I was a bit early, so I poked my head into the Leo Villareal exhibit. I was really just trying to kill time and wasn't planning on staying long. Plus, the warning on the door about flashing lights and the danger of seizures made me a bit nervous about what I was in store for. However, when I entered, I was mesmerized by how serene and calming these captivating light installations were. I sat in front of his piece, "Stars" in complete awe for nearly fifteen minutes, and likely would have stayed longer if it weren't for some pesky children who came running into the gallery screaming and squeaking their sneakers across the floor. Villareal combines the use of LED lights with advanced, custom made computer software that causes his pieces to pulse, tessellate or flow in beautiful rhythmic patterns. The installations lit up the gallery in a way that made it feel like I had discovered a mysterious secret place. Let me tell you, this artist and this exhibition should not be a secret to anyone because I am telling you right now that you should check it out ASAP if you haven't already.

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