Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Memory Lane

As you might have noticed, the art of printmaking has a huge influence on my work, seeing as I work primarily in the printmaking process of linocut block printing. Two weeks ago I was working in the SCAD Atlanta office and had the opportunity to tour the amazing Printmaking Department. It is such an impressive facility that is equipped to teach so many different forms of printmaking that it made me nostalgic for my earliest memories of experimenting with this art form.

My first experience with printmaking was during my undergraduate studies at Union College when I took part in a study abroad program with the college in Paris, France. We spent every other day drawing from life in the Louvre, and on the alternate days, we worked in the Atleier de l'orme, a cooperative print shop in Paris. We learned dry-point etching, and I loved every moment of it. When I came back to campus after that trip, I enrolled in a linocut printmaking class, and the rest is history.

A little fun fact about my time studying in Paris is that a fellow student in the group was Mr. Danny Taft, who is not only a part of my Union College family, but is now part of my SCAD family as well, as he is wrapping up his Masters in Industrial Design and Design Management this Spring!

And, yes, I am proudly rocking my Tridelt sweatshirt in that throwback photo!

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