Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's Your Signature Look?

I am working on a new project that is based on research I have done recently regarding stationery trends. I am drawn towards personalization and would like to do a line of cards based on the question, "What is your signature look?"

Let's face it, every woman has a signature look or style; one that her friends, family, and maybe even significant other would be able to easily identify if illustrated. It is my goal to capture these looks/articles of clothing and provide clients and fashionistas everywhere with with a personalized, unique piece of stationery that can become their calling card. 

In this post you will find examples of this new "line" and what the personalized illustrations will look like. Most of these images are from my wardrobe. 

There will be more illustrations and "signature looks" to come!

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  1. Dear Lis,
    I think it is a really fascinating idea. I wonder what my key pieces would be, plus i think i'd need a card for every season. It's also nice to archive clothing one really loved but one slowly stops wearing after a couple of seasons.
    I love the illustrations, they are very beautiful. It he positive negative thing is great and looks new to me! Have a nice weekend, sincerely mimi


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