Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunar Lanscape

This assignment was based on the different surfaces of the moon. Here are some examples:

Sea of Dreams
Marsh of Rot
Lake of Oblivion
Sea of Clouds
Lake of Excellence
Marsh of Sleep
Bay of Rainbows
Lake of Summer

We were asked to pick one of the names of the surfaces and use it as a jumping off point. The image required at least 3 figures, a clear setting with a full background. I started with Sea of Dreams and first tried a little boy peering over the side of his bed as it turned into an ocean. That failed. Then I tried Bay of Rainbows with a little girl blowing bubbles that had an iridescent rainbow hue to them. That lacked a certain punch needed. I then went to the Lake of Success and drew a really funny image of a spelling bee and a little nerdy boy who had just won the trophy. It was funny but lacked punch. Then I tried my hand at Lake of Summer and created a backyard scene with a little girl and her brother playing in an inflatable pool. That was cute but my professor prefers darker images that are a little more daring.

So, I decided to go back to Sea of Dreams. Not all dreams are pleasant, so I decided to create a bad dream. One full of creepy figures. What creeps me out more than the Circus?

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