Monday, November 2, 2009

12 Dancing Princesses

For this assignment, everyone in the class was randomly assigned a different fairy tale. I was given "The Twelve Dancing Princesses." I wasn't familiar with the story and I am sure many others might not be either, so here is a quick synopsis:

There was a king who had twelve daughters. Every morning when he went to check on them, all of their shoes were worn through. He had to buy them new shoes every day. Finally, he got sick of it and wanted to know why their shoes were ruined every night. He told all the men in the kingdom that if they could figure out where his daughters were going every night, they could have their pick of his daughters for marriage. Many men tried and failed, but then this solider came along and luckily, he had an invisibility cloak (totally like Harry Potter) and he donned it and snuck into their room. After the girls fell asleep, it wasn't long before they all awoke in the middle of the night and started to get ready for a ball. They all snuck out through a secret passageway in their room. At the end of the passageway, twelve handsome princes were waiting for them to take them in individual boats across a silver lake to a beautiful castle where they all danced all night long. Before dawn, the princes would return them to their room. The soldier went back to the king and told him all about this, and the king was pleased. He told the soldier he could marry one of his daughters, which he did. And, then the king ordered that all of the handsome princes be killed. BUMMER.

Anyway, I decided it wasn't a happy story, and I hate unhappy, so I decided to depict the best part of the tale. The scene where the girls are getting ready! Come one ladies, you have to admit, getting ready is DEF the best part of going out.


  1. i love your synopsis. and obvs the piece too. :) the girl putting on mascara - awesome.

  2. Way to do it girl! A for Absolutely Fabulous :)

  3. Do I see a couple of your friends in that mirror?

  4. this is one of my favorite fairy tales! great job with this one!


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