Sunday, April 18, 2010


While in France I am taking a Book Illustration class in which we were asked to illustrate any story by a french author. Before I left, my dad was kind enough to pick up a few books for me, one of which outlined numerous famed fairy tales that originated in France. I obviously chose Puss in Boots because of my undying love for cats. I have rewritten the story and made some personal adjustments. I changed the setting from the countryside to turn of the century Paris right around the time of the World's Fair. The cat got a makeover, as now he is a super suave Parisian cat with a neckerchief and a beret!

This image is the cover image. In my class critique I was asked to change to font, so disregard the current type, as it will be changed before the book goes to print! I am currently working on the first spread, which is due this week, so be on the lookout for more Puss-n-Boots!

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  1. Moofy is jealous of the new cat in your life...


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