Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Dummy

Today I had my book dummy for Puss -N- Boots due. What is a book dummy, you ask? Well, it is a preliminary composition of semi-complete ideas that an artist will submit to their publisher before they go ahead and create the final book. Below is the dummy I am sending to the printer today! I hope the book turns out well.


  1. Love it, especially now that I am officially a cat lady :) PS - I got a little teary when I saw that you dedicated the book to Tom.

  2. I second Colleen's notion about the dedication. Please tell me you are sending this dummy off into the world to be swooped up by some incredibly smart editor who will be forever grateful for your unbelievable talent?! This is unbelievable Lis!

  3. Lis I just read the story...........very cute. So, one question.........are they UGGS?

  4. I love it Lis! Is that ink and wash or did you do a cut of some sort?


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