Saturday, May 8, 2010

For Fun

At the expense of sounding vain, I had so much fun making the above image because, well, it was all about me! It wasn't for a class assignment or a commissioned piece. I wasn't on a deadline to create it and there were no guidelines, restrictions, or clients to please. IT WAS JUST FOR FUN!

I am learning that art for art's sake is really not something found in the illustration field, as most illustrators are freelancers for publications. The only independent work that is usually done is either student work, or work made to beef up a portfolio.

Because I just returned to my hobbitt hole in Provence from the thriving metropolis of Paris, I started daydreaming of going back. I have been to Paris numerous times, but every time I leave I know it might not be guaranteed I return and if I were to return, who knows how long it would be until that point. Thus, I wish I could just pick up and go anywhere I wished whenever I wanted.

Wouldn't it magical if it were as easy as floating off into the sky with a bundle of balloons? (Oh, and wouldn't it be magical if I were actually that skinny too? Haha).


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  1. I love it! You look so fierce and the shoes are HOT. That entire ensemble is soooo you and you ARE that skinny!


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