Thursday, May 13, 2010

Graphic Design?

Drawing is my strong suit, which is why I am pursuing my MFA in Illustration. I am used to putting my pen to the paper and directly creating an image. One thing I am not use to, however, is graphic design. It is a complex and confusing little world. Graphic Designers know so much about fonts, and what is ugly, cheesy, and blase. Who knew that fonts could be in or out of style? Anyway, as part of my Assistant Teaching role, I was asked to design a poster for my class and I found the graphic design aspect to be a challenge.

While in Paris, the students were each given a portion of the Saint Eustache Cathedral (a church I passed ever day on my way to the Louvre when I studied there in college) to draw. After they were given their section, they were instructed to create two images, one being a line drawing done in ink, and another done in any medium of their choice. After what felt like pulling teeth to get all of their images turned in in a timely manner, I was able to sit down and compile the pieces together to make the above image (I added color and texture to some of their line drawings. I hope they don't mind.)

They all did a really wonderful job. I was so impressed with each drawing and how each individual's personal style and techniques came through. Snaps to the group for doing great work!

Their poster will be on sale at our upcoming show here in Lacoste, May 21st and 22nd.

And the fabulous artists are:
Christina, Chris, Cal, Francis, Lindsay, Kori, Anna, Arielle, Jess, Kelsey, Sarah, Susannah, Jennifer, Morgann, Caitlin, Catherine, Amber, Jackie, Liz, and Emma.

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  1. I love it, Lis! The collage is beautiful. And you should def take a GD class when you have the chance. I think you'd be great at it... (and then you'd be in on all of our little secrets about trendy typefaces. Papyrus - bleh!)


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