Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Impending Weather

As I have stated numerous times before, I am NOT a graphic designer by trade. I do my best to fake it when necessary but I am currently enrolled in my first ever graphic design course. And, because I tend to jump far too quickly into things without doing proper research, I enrolled in one of the hardest graduate level graphic design classes offered this summer. Yay me!

Well, thus far I have been very flustered and confused by all of the assignments but I absolutely love the professor and the fact that I only have 2 other classmates, so we get lots of individualized attention and generate great critiques and conversations.

Our second assignment was to create a image only using typeface (not to be confused with font, which is apparently something completely different. I learned that quickly after being yelled at), and the image had to depict the weather over the past 36 hours. Well, I was thoroughly confused because as an illustrator I always want to create a picture of something and the professor said "NO YOU CANNOT DO THAT!" SO, once again I had to think abstractly and I was lost.

My first try was an epic failure. But, after the professor and my classmates worked with me, I think I came up with a good enough solution. They were all very kind to me and said that for my first time working with type, I did a pretty good job. Aren't they sweet for trying to make me feel better? Haha.

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