Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Goal Week 5

I made it another week with my summer goal! I was really proud of last week's California Girls, as it took a long time to do. I have had the idea for this week's illustration for a really long time, as a matter of fact, I have been doodling and re-doodling this image all over my notebook or my Art History class. Well, I finally sat down and put the image together. I tried something completely different and made a couple linocut prints and collaged them together and colored them digitally. I think that the Graphic Design class I am taking is having an effect on my design aesthetic. I really wanted to include text, so I added the chorus of the song to the image.

This week's song is Enrique Iglesias' new song I Like It, which is such a catchy tune! It is definitely a song to dance to, hence the illustration of a girl (who happens to look like me, but it wasn't supposed to) dancing. I don't know where Enrique has been for the past couple years, but he reemerged recently with this song and premiered the video, which features the cast of The Jersey Shore. Clearly Enrique needed to make himself relevant again, so he jumped on the Jersey Shore bandwagon.

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  1. I am thinking that a KISS 108 should post these on the website this summer...think you should email them. Or a radio station in Savannah, or both :)


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