Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Graphic Design Book

I know I have talked at great length this summer about the graphic design course I am in, but I have to say, I am truly enjoying it and feel as though I am continuing to discover new techniques and styles. The ultimate goal of the class is to take all of the previous assignments and compile them into a stylistic book about Graphic Design and what it means to us.

Well, my book is about my journey from the beginning of this course until now. I have felt as though the exercises we have done have forced me to think outside of the box, which was very difficult at first. Now that I am outside the box, I feel so much for free and ideas flow easily and quickly and it is less of a struggle. The book I am creating tells exactly that story. Because I am an illustrator, the professor is allowing me some illustrative liberties so that the book can fit into my portfolio, and instead of including the essays we have written, I will be able to write a story instead. Yay!

This book is going to take a lot of work, so don't expect the finished product anytime soon! The above image is a sneak peek at one of the first pages.

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