Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chugging Along

Finals are swiftly approaching, which means I have only 3 short weeks to put together an entire book for my Graphic Design project and to write a lengthy research paper on a yet unknown topic. Yikes! But, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and my severely lacking social schedule, I am charging full speed ahead with my book! I've been chugging along like a little machine and have already put together numerous pages.

This image is one of the last pages in the book. It is a collage of fabric, linocut prints, and other appropriated images.


  1. lis, this stuff is FANTASTIC. i love your collage-like style that you're working with

  2. oooooo, I am connecting you with another friend's bf who is a graphic designer in CT--you two should chat. xoxo


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