Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Card Comps

Hey Y'all!

I have been busy working on a line of witty, slightly sarcastic yet feminine cards that girls would give to their friends. I decided to do the line entirely in linocut, so thus far I have been laboring away simply making the actual linocut prints. Now that I have made nearly two dozen different prints (some good, some not so good), it is time to decide what works, what doesn't and then play around with color and the oh so dreaded TYPE! Aghhhhh!

I have a legitimate fear of using type, which is why this project is a good for me, because it forces me to consider how an image will work with text.

Above are some comps I have been mocking up. They are only the front of the cards, so some have additional messages that would go on the inside. Thus, if the card doesn't make a ton of sense, it might be because there is a line inside the card that would tie it all together.

Let me know what you think! I have lots of work to do before they are finished, but they'll be up on my Etsy shop once they are are finished and polished.


  1. bra support one is my fav. i'd like to place my order for a set of these please.

  2. Any chance that suitcase print is gonna pop up in your etsy shop?? I have my eye on that one!

  3. Im so glad you like that one! The suitcase print is tiny (maybe 4x5) but I'll put them all up before xmas!


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