Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentines Day Card Roughs


I have finally got together rough drafts of my Chick to Chick Valentines Day cards. I would love any feedback possible, seeing as my original Chick to Chick line was part of a class, so it was critiqued and critiqued over and over again. All of the insight and opinions I received really made the finished product stronger, so I would love the same feedback on these new additions. Please leave a comment below or email (if you're shy).

Please check them our below:

"Damn Girl"

"Puppy Love"




  1. they look great!

    for the text on the first one, maybe try "you are lookin' hot" or "you're looking hot" - there is something about those two apostrophes that looks strange to me...

    on the last one (with the place) did you think about having a puff of smoke or cloud of hearts or something coming from the back of the plane? maybe?

  2. agree with what blythe said. also, the plane looks a bit like its sitting on the stripes. what if you lifted it up a bit more?

  3. love them! for the cake one- maybe "i love you" on the outside then "like a fat kid loves cake" on the inside. plus, it's more like the airplane one- sweet words on the outside, funny inside.

    So fun and creative!

  4. Great suggestions! Thank you. I can't figure out where to place that darn plane!

  5. I LOVE the CAKE ONE!!! I'm dying...too amazing


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