Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Garment Five Ways

I just had my first assignment of the quarter due for my fashion Illustrations class. I am loving this class because while it focuses on illustration, it is actually a fashion class! Part of the excitement over this is that it's in the illusive fashion building here at SCAD. I have heard rumors about this place before (the main rumor being that there's a strict dress code), so needless to say I was a bit intimidated and would be lying if I said I didn't spend a little extra time getting ready before heading to class there. But, it's been great thus far! Everyone is friendly and nice and really into fashion, which is cool.

Our first assignment was to pick a garment of our choice and then illustrate it five times mimicking the styes of five different fashion illustrators. I chose the above J. Mendel dress from his Spring 2011 RTW collection. The recommended text for the class (100 Years of Fashion Illustration) is amazing and provided me with so many choices of illustrators. I was nervous about this because I am on my way to hammering out my own style, so I thought it would be really hard to get out of it and try something new, but it was actually helpful! Obviously I couldn't get too far away from myself and my style because there is the obvious linocut (Im not gonna lie, I had to search pretty hard for a linocut fashion illustrator, but they exist). Below are my final illustrations:

Inspired by Bobby Hillson

Inspired by Eric Stemp

Inspired by Antonio Lopez

Inspired by Francois Berthoud

Inspired by Michael Roberts

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