Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Louboutin Ads

For my Fashion Illustration Midterm, I was required to make 5 ads for any accessory line. The line had to be either a current Spring/Summer 2011 collection or Resort 2011 Collection. Since I am obsessed with shoes, I chose my favorite, Christian Louboutin.

I experimented with these, as I used cut paper in the majority of the backgrounds. The shoes themselves are individual reductive linocut prints, which I have to say was painstaking and took a great deal of time. I also did the type myself in linocut, which I was nervous about at first, but the Christian Louboutin logo is illustrative in its own right, so it worked out!

All in all, I am happy with how these turned out, the only problem is I am having a terrible time finding a printer here in Savannah that doesn't over saturate my images when printed. The texture of the linocut ink sometimes gets lost and looks too flat. Tomorrow I guess I'll be on a mission searching for the perfect printer all before these are due at 2pm. Ugh. For now, I am giving myself the rest of the evening off.


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