Friday, March 11, 2011

More of my Fashion Final

Here are more of the components of my Fashion Illustration final assignment. Each piece is supposed to serve as an advertisement for me as a fashion illustrator. The first is a postcard to be used as a mailer and the second is an advertisement.

The above image is inspired by my love of buying makeup. I won't say I love makeup even though I have tons of it. I love to buy makeup because makeup counters and stores like Sephora are like candy stores for grown girls. Everything is so beautifully colored and tiny and I just want to snatch it all up. But, I never have the time and am just too lazy to actually take the time to put makeup on, so I guess I love to buy makeup but never really wear it. I just throw on lipstick and go.

This image is inspired by one of my favorite shows, Mad Men! I am so sad that I am missing a fab Mad Men themed party in NYC thrown by my childhood BFF. She's so fun and fabulous and I wish I could hangout with her all the time but I especially wish I could go to this particular party because being the savvy and awesome girl that she is, she somehow convinced as Mad Men cast member to attend. So cool. So, since I can't go to the party, I decided to illustrate the outfit I'd wear if I were!

That's all for now. Have a good weekend!

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