Friday, March 11, 2011

What I Did Today

Today was a very busy day. I have had not one moment of downtime and have been constantly on the move.

(messy desk with a bagillion zippers ready to be sewn)

I started my day by sewing 20 makeup bags. I then screen-printed all 20 of them. Obviously I messed a few up, so I had to make replacement bags, which made me an unhappy camper.

(so many pretty colored zippers)

Then I designed, printed, and cut labels for promotional lip balms. I think I got about 50 of them done. I have 3 different flavors: cherry, vanilla, and mint.

Then I decided to clean my apartment while I waited for the UPS man to drop off a package that the UPS online tracking said was in transit. The package contained my promotional mailers which I have to show to my professor on Monday and couldn't afford to miss the delivery.

The UPS man hadn't come and I needed to leave, so I left him an awkward lengthy note begging him to just leave the package on my doorstep, which he seems to be against (probably because he is a good employee and follows the rules and always gets a signature when it's required).

Then I ran a 5k. Yes, I ran another race. This one was a lot quicker than the half marathon but weirdly harder because while I can run 3 miles without a problem, I don't run it very fast! I felt like I was sprinting! AGH.

Then I met my pal Bri for dinner and I had fried pickles. Yum.

Then I came home and discovered that the UPS man is AWESOME because he left my package for me! Yay yay yay!

Then I worked on fixing the stupid bag for my portfolio that I screwed up last night and put together all of my promotional materials so that I am ready to present them on Monday during my final critique.

(pink pencils with my website address on them)

Now I am giving my handsome little man Mr. Griff some much needed attention before heading off to bed!

Goodnight! Back to the grind in the morning.



  1. Those bags are SO cute!!

  2. You are a one-woman company. Never worry about what you are going to do after school, obviously you are rocking package design/illustration. You are already so professional looking, I'll bet clients think you have little minions working for you.

  3. i like the red bull in the background. your secret is out!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. those bags are adorable!


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