Friday, July 1, 2011

Winery Wedding

This past April, my dear friend, fellow Union college alum, and Tridelta sister, married her handsome high school sweetheart, Greg. The beautiful couple got married in Temecula California at Leonesse Vineyards. I feel so lucky that I could have been there to be a part of their special day, and for that, I wanted to give the bride and groom something special to say thank you and to wish them all the best as they start their life together. 

That's why I decided to use my illustrative skills to make them an original print based on their wedding venue. On site, there was a "barrel room,"which is exactly what it sounds like, a room lined floor to ceiling with gigantic barrels full of wine. I had carved the linoleum block and done a test print prior to the wedding, and was so excited when I got to the venue and realized that I had done pretty well in depicting the feel of the room!

The print is 18" x 24" and is done in linocut and ink and is depicted above. I am so glad I can finally post it, seeing as I finally figured out how to ship it safely across the country. And, below is a picture of me and the bride gettin' down on the dance floor.

Congrats Carrie and Greg!

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