Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Repeat Patterns

A few months ago I attended an Open Studio at SCAD's FIbers department. On display were a variety of different students works, and I instantly fell in love with all of the illustrative repeat patterns that some of the students had created. It made me really sad that I wasn't able to squeeze in a fibers class prior to graduating, but it did prompt me to do some post-grad experimentation and research. 

I found this really great post on the popular blog Design Sponge that gave a great tutorial on how to create a repeat pattern. It is a lot easier than I thought! My first attempt was the image above, and I can't wait to experiment some more this summer, so keep your eyes out for more!


  1. Love! You should make some wrapping paper!

  2. ooo! this is great! can totally see more of your work in pattern. can't you take a class a quarter if you work for scad though? i think you can. if you end up taking a class, fibers grad class - Digital Surface Design with Jeremy Noonan. He's the only fibers prof i've had and he knows a TON. i learned so much from him. highly recommend him.


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