Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 7

This outfit is one that I really adore because it brings back a lot of good memories. The skirt is Missoni and I have loved it since the day I got it. The brand's iconic knits are just so playful and fun; not to mention, they are so incredibly comfortable. I remember the day I got this skirt. I was in New York City for the day with my parents to see a Broadway show. It was right around the holidays and we stopped in Saks for a bit to look around; which, per usual, turned into an impromptu shopping spree. 

I miss those days! I wish I were closer to NYC, and more importantly, I wish I lived closer to my family. But, I am glad we all share a mutual love for Savannah, so I am lucky enough to have frequent visitors!

As for the outfit, I wore this to work recently and almost had a heart attack when I snagged the skirt on a desk drawer. Yikes! I paired the skirt with a great sheer shirt with a black tank top, black lucite bangles, and black and gold striped drop earrings that I got last year on a trip to Venice with my mom. 

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