Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My #1 patron

My dear friend mentioned that she had been perusing the aisles of Paper Source in Boston looking for the ideal holiday card. Many were quite lovely and came in a vast array of genres and themes; however, none were quite to her liking. She is an avid sports fan but isn't a dude (clearly) so many of the baseball themed cards were not a perfect fit. She told me of her woes and asked if I might be able to solve her dilemma.

She wanted something involving the Red Sox, like maybe a Sox jersey or red socks hung by a fireplace. I sketched a few preliminary ideas and none really seemed to stand out. It wasn't until I was on a 4 hour bus ride to NYC that I finally put my pen to paper and inked her beloved Fenway Park in a snow globe. It wasn't her first idea, but luckily it was a hit!

I received her lovely card today in the mail, which hopefully means it is safe to post on my blog, as the cards have hopefully been opened by their respective recipients. If I ruin the surprise, I AM SORRY!

Now I need to devise a plan for my own holiday greeting card. Sadly, due to time constraints, I might be sending it via email this year!


  1. Love it! Love the post...sorry I just saw it now. I had to tell many people that you had actually drawn it that it wasn't a store bought card. You did such an amazing job! xoxo


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